Friday, June 21, 2019


We concluded another academic year at Crowder College with many successes.

Academically, 20 international students made the Dean's List, while the other 40 students all had very strong scholarly showings. We also graduated 11 international students who are ready to transfer to another college or university in order to continue their academic journeys. Some graduating students even started their experience with the American work culture by beginning their Optional Practical Training (OPT) upon degree completion.

Personally, many students experienced new life adventures. A few students stepped out on new paths by deciding to change their degree plans and career direction. Several took advantage of opportunities to travel by going on trips in the United States. Other students made the most of volunteer opportunities on- and off-campus in order to give back as true servant leaders of the college. A few students shared their culture with the campus and area community by providing traditional food and amazing fellowship. While others found out that their life plans are about to change in a different way than expected...because their family is about to experience the addition of a precious baby.

In Athletics, our teams were highly successful. The men's baseball team had a fantastic run in the off-season, winning the Region 16 Tournament. The team also produced nine All-Region 16, 1st, 2nd, and All-Defensive team honors players. The women's basketball team made it to the Region 16 semi-finals with three team members earning All-Region 16 team honors. The men's soccer team advanced to the Region 16 final. And the women's softball team also won the Region 16 Tournament, advancing to the District J Tournament. The team produced a Region 16 player of the year, 16 Region 16 All-Region 16 honors members, two players receiving academic awards for 4.0 Grade Point Averages (GPA), and one player receiving a character award.

To say it has been a great year is an understatement. We have made new friendships, gained a great deal of knowledge, and experienced new adventures! We have done it all, the way it started, together. Take the next step, and join us here at Crowder College. I promise that you will not be disappointed in your decision!

Thursday, October 25, 2018

What is holding you back?

I have started looking at the things in my life that I allow to hold me back. Do you have something that is holding you back from attending college in the United States of America? 

The best way to get over the fear, the fear and has control over you, is to learn more about the subject area. If you want to go to school in the United States of America but you are scared the first step is to ask questions. Look at college websites to see if they are authorized to accept international students. Look at the website to see if they offer degree programs that you are interested in learning more about. Look for information about costs, on-campus housing options, how the education system works, and if they have an international advisor that you can work with.

Here is the Crowder College website link for you to look at:

Here is the link to our degree programs and course information:

Here is the link to the on-campus housing options that are available to Crowder College students:

You can take control of your fear and make your dreams of attending college in the United States of America a reality. You are welcome to contact me with any questions that you have after looking over the website information at

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Apply, Apply, Apply

Once you have decided on a college or university that you would like to attend, make sure you apply.  This sounds simple but as an international student you will most likely have deadlines for application and deadlines for the documents that will be required as part of your application.  Most institutions will have this date published with their online application. 

The application process could seem lengthy but if you follow all directions that are provided you should be able to move the through the process quickly and easily.   The International Admissions Advisors are available to you should you have any questions.  One question that you should consider asking is for scholarship information. 

Many institutions have scholarships that are specific for international students.  Those scholarships will require that you apply by a certain date in order to be considered for the scholarship(s).  Here at Crowder College we have two different scholarship options for international students.  Our Foundation Office has numerous scholarships available for students, both domestic and international.  The application is to be completed online and submitted for review.  What is beneficial to you as a student is that one application is completed and your submission is evaluated for all of the different opportunities.  You would be awarded an scholarship(s) that you are the best candidate to receive.  The second options is different in that it is an application each semester for international students to apply.  The amount of the scholarship awards are between $200 - $500 for the semester awarded.  The international student would apply each semester as the awards do not carry over from semester to the next. 

Make sure that you are confident in your options as a students before arriving in the United States and attending a college or university.  Your confidence will carry over to your adaptation to new surroundings and your academic success. 

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Campus Environment and Culture

"You can't judge a book by it's cover."  This old adage is true as time is never ending but...aren't we all guilty of making judgment based on appearance.  We purchase books, clothing, shoes, hair products, automobiles, everything based on the looks that are appealing to us as the consumer.  The same is true for 'buying' a college.  You expect certain things such as campus environment, educational experience, classroom setting/size of the educational institution that we decide to attend.  We look at the community where the college or university is located to see if they are supportive and if there are things to do when we are not studying.  

Crowder College offers you all that could appeal to any potential student.  We are settled in the small community of Neosho, Missouri.  Travel to several larger cities is easy and common for many students when they are not preparing for their courses.  Our campus is beautiful and our classrooms are conducive to small class size and one-on-one attention for every student.  The staff, faculty, and administration are accessible and beyond willing to assist.  It would be highly likely for you to feel like you are part of the campus 'family' as soon as you arrive.  You will not find another campus like that of Crowder College.

The Crowder College 'book' is full of vibrant images, ideas, activities, and learning opportunities.  We are a real page-turner for sure but don't take my word for it alone.  Watch what students have to say about our college and their experiences at Crowder during this short video.

Monday, April 17, 2017

We are getting closer to the Fall 2017 semester even though we are still four months away.  If you are considering studying in the United States you need to get started with the process now. 

Find your school, decide if they have everything to offer that you will need in order to be successful, make connection to the international student advisor, and now the costs associated with your studies.  To some, costs are not of any concern but to most it is a great consideration.  This seems to be a common misconception: High price schools will provide you with a high quality education and low price schools will provide you with a low education.  FALSE!  Costs does not relate to the level of education you will receive.  Crowder College has a relatively low cost for tuition, fees, and cost of living.  Crowder College also has a high rigor level of coursework and study.  Our programs are top notch and the degree you walk away with is much more than a simple piece of paper.  You gain knowledge that will make you successful in a career or it will provide you with a wonderful base that will support your continued education when you transfer to another college to complete your bachelor's degree.  As an accredited institution, we are like any other college but I guarantee you will not find the same level of compassion and care anywhere else like that which you will experience at Crowder College. 

You do not have to major in debt in order to complete your studies in the United States.  You need to walk away with a degree and career, we can help you with that!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Meeting Your Needs

As an international student, you need to go to college where your needs will be met.  An institution that meets your fundamental needs as well as your educational needs. 

At Crowder College, you will often hear that we are the 'Crowder Family.'  We treat everyone like they are a dear member of the family.  You are never far from a smiling face, kindness, assistance, and someone in your corner.  We are your home-away-from-home and we are your source of support.  We understand that reaching your educational goals, especially in a foreign country, will be a challenge that you can tackle.  We will support, encourage, and guide your efforts so that you do not have to do so alone...we are your cheerleaders! 

I, specifically, become your person.  I am your person when you have questions, concerns, and needs.  You and I will work together to form your educational plan that meets your needs.  I provide learning and sharing opportunities while in the US attending college.  I help make degree completion a reality and assist you with  the transfer process.  Your immediate and long-term success are my goal.  Your success is very much my success and I look forward to sharing that joy with you.  

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Straight to the Source

Did you know that you can go to college in the United States without working with an agent?  It is true, you can go directly through the school.  Most international offices have individuals that are devoted to assisting you through the admissions process.  I work with students one-on-one, walking them through the paperwork and addressing any questions that they have.  Our goal is to get you the quality education that you want and deserve.

Your fist move, after deciding what you want to do with your life and where to get the education you need in order to do said career, is to look at the school's website.  Often, there are built in bits of information that you will find useful in starting the application process.  Schools will have different application requirements so make sure that you are aware of what is needed.  You will have to make application, typically online only, and will most likely need to provide supplemental information or materials in order to be considered for acceptance.

If you study the website and still have questions then you need to contact the international adviser or admissions counselor for clarification.  They will be very glad to answer your questions.  They will do so through email, telephone conversations, online real-time message programs, and Skype.  Every institution is different and their communication options might be different but the one constant is that the staff will always help you.

Make friends with admissions representatives and international program advisers.  Their passion is for you to be successful in application in order for you to be a contributing member of their institution. 

Friday, September 30, 2016

Let's Play Twenty Questions

Since you are supposed to have all of the answers for your life at this point...Do you know what you want to do with your life?  Will your life goal require you to continue your education?  Do you know what degree you might need in order to do what you love?  Do you want to continue your education?  Do you want to get a job that could be temporary or a career that can last years or even to your retirement?  I am good for coming up with questions if nothing else.

There is a game that is played commonly called 20 Questions.  You ask a series of questions in order to ascertain the identity of a person, place, or thing of unknown origin that the other participants have in mind: Is it blue?  Is it alive?  Is it human?  Is it a television star?  Is it a Smurf?  YES!  Once the identify is established the same scenario can continue back and forth for a long as desired.  It isn't a bad game to play on your own when you are deciding what you would like to do in the future.  This helps you establish your life goals. 

I think that there is a slight difference between being able to establish our life goals and being able to establish goals in general.  I want to be a doctor, travel the world, and save lives would be good examples of life goals.  I want to increase my fitness and run a 10k race would be a good example of a general goal.  We, often, work better when we are working towards a goal.  When we set down to establish our life goals with regard to our intended career focus our general goals tend to overlap once we start asking ourselves the common questions initially.  In order to step out and conquer our life goals we will often set smaller goals in order to keep us on track and continuing towards your plans.  It seems to make the journey a bit easier if we break it down, piece-by-piece. 

Setting a life/career goal will guide your piece-by-piece goal outline.  Let me show you what I mean by walking you through the process.  Let's say that I decide that I want to be a medical doctor, my life goal.  I must have already established me passions in life, that I am a strong science and mathematics student, and that I want to continue to attend schooling for at least the next eight years; I have already asked and answered my own 20 questions.  My first goal on that journey would be to start attacking your plans.

When I have a clear plan in mind I need to find an outlet to accomplish each step towards my goal.  If your life goal will require an education you will need to find the best school(s) that will provide you with what you need to be successful, have minimal debt, and obtain the career that you want.  Start looking now, where ever you are on your journey, to ensure you are educated when you need to make a decision about your education.  I want you to see through your plan to completion.  I want you to be educated.  I want you to be brave.  I want you to succeed.  I want you to have a career.    

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Leap of Faith

Preparing for higher education in a different country takes time.  You have to examine your needs with the offerings of multiple institutions in order to find the best fit.  You have to review information, consider your options, make a decision, make application, be accepted, and get a student VISA.  Once you get the VISA you still are not done with your preparations.  Now you have to make travel arrangements, figure out what you can and should take with you, pack, and visit with family and friends that you will not seen in person for a bit of time.  With all of the preparation you would think you would be, well prepared but you might find yourself sitting on the corner of fear and apprehension. 

I am reminded of my own experience of preparing for higher education.  I thought that I was ready and I was for the most part.  Academics had always come easy to me but I wasn't ready for the rigor as expected.  I struggled a bit but I figured it out and I was able to succeed.  I had to leap in order to succeed.  I realized that I wasn't alone as we were all taking a leap.  I remember vividly sitting in the university coffee shop with classmates as we had a study session.  I could not help but notice a young man that came in confidently, sat down, and began preparing his area to do homework and study.  This is not an unusual scene for any campus as hundreds of students do the exact same thing daily.  This was unique as I marveled at his intense leap of faith.  He was a blind student that walked the university campus daily, got to classes on time, was finding time to study, and he was doing it completely unassisted.  I remembered my own fear of finding my classes initially but was awestruck that he did it without his vision to rely on.  He, and his parents, had taken a huge leap of faith, believing all the while in his success.  He was successful! 

International students have a leap to make that is similar to the blind student in the story.  You do not know the country, you do not know the people, sometimes you do not know the language yet you set out on your adventure.  You have to rely on others to guide you and not take advantage of you.  You continue to push forward towards your goal of education without knowledge or sight of what is to come.  That is the experience that we all have day-to-day but you are doing this blindly more so than traditional students. 

An increasingly favorite past-time in the United States is to zipline.  You typically start at a high location where personnel will harness and attach you to a wire that descends the countryside while you are suspended in the air.  It most likely gives you the sensations of flying and excitement.  You are able to fly, see the sights, and have a wonderful experience while still knowing you are anchored, secured to a guide rope with an end in sight.  Instead of setting out blindly on your educational journey, make sure you find a zipline.  What I mean is, you get to leap and fly (succeed) all while having a guide wire along the way.  We are your guide wire while at Crowder College.  You have the experience of leaping, flying, and soaring on your own but you also have the security of knowing that we are anchoring and helping you reach your end goal. 

Thursday, May 5, 2016

When I Grow Up?

Many schools in the United States have the tradition of polling young, kindergarten students, around the age of five years old at the start of the school year.  They ask students to tell them what they want to be when they grow up. Often answers are careers such as policeman, fireman, football player, superhero, teacher, singer, and the list goes on.  This is a fun activity to do with children at this age and the answers are always entertaining. 

Students that are in their final year of high school start getting asked the same question as they inch closer to graduation.  What do you want to do when you grow up?  What college are you going to attend?  What degree are you going to pursue?  What are you going to do with that degree?  These are serious questions to consider and answer.  When you are young the answers are there without thought and without hesitation or consideration.  When you are older, sitting on the edge of your future, the answers scatter and have to be searched out.  You know you are going to have to fight for those answers, once made, in order to make them a reality.  You have so many options before you that it can easily turn into too many options. 

How do you know what you want to be when you grow up?  While contemplating this question I hope that you are asking yourself a few more.  What do I love?  What am I good at?  What makes me happy?  Do I like to work with people?  Do I like to work with animals?  How much more schooling do I really think I can make it through?  Do I enjoy Mathematics?  Do I enjoy working with my hands?  Do I want to build things?  Do I want to work on cars?  Do I want to travel?

Are you tired yet?  Do you have all of the answers?  Yes (possibly) and no respectively are the answers that popped in your head.  Big questions, big decisions, are exhausting, frightening, and difficult to make.  You can do it.  Try to openly, without bias, examine your strengths.  Look at what motivates you, what you love, and most importantly the joys in your life.  Examine, again without bias, your weaknesses.  Look at what you avoid, what you dislike, and what seems to drain minutes from your life.  Look at career possibilities that would allow you to cultivate your strengths. 

You will probably end up with several options to explore.  Find out what higher education or degree you will have to complete in order to be successful and employable in careers you have found.  Learn what it will take, how long you will be in school, and how much it might cost to get to your career.  Look at salary expectations for each career options.  You will want to know what kind of income to expect in your future. 

Having a plan has always served me well.  I encourage you to examine your wants and desires, find the right fit, and tackle the challenge.  Your success is going to be defined by you; make the most of it.